Yoga is all about moving the body, connecting with our breath, and listening to what we need in the moment. It is all about how our body feels in each pose, not how we look while doing them.  Yoga can easily be done by anyone and everyone.

Studio Classes

Yoga classes are conducted in various studio locations and are great for beginners as well as those who are more experienced at yoga. Any group wanting a session, and has the space can contact me for a one time class or ongoing sessions.

For those who own studios, or are part of a studio and would like me to come to your location feel free to contact me.  I do have several workshops available upon request, and am quite comfortable covering classes if that  is what is needed.

Private Sessions

Private/individual sessions can be accommodated at my location or yours. Each session is developed according to your specific needs or requirements. There is a few items that are highlighted in private sessions, the first being proper body alignment to maximize the benefits within your body. The second, is utilizing breath to work with each posture or pose. And the third opening and feeling the flow of energy during each of the movements. Reiki can be added to private restorative yoga sessions.


Simple Sessions

A simple yoga session is for anyone who just wants or needs a class, but does not have time to make it to a studio session. We all have busy lives that don’t always fit in with scheduled yoga classes.  This allows you to schedule a class at your own convenience for when you feel like you just need to get on your mat and have someone guide you through some yoga flows.  These can be done at my location or yours.


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